The young days, The old nights

The young days,

The old nights. 
The charms that hold the human horses together,

Are not so lonely, 

They’ve wrinkles hidden beneath them. 

But the concealers help find those who seek comfort, 

Good or not-so-good, 

Concealed faces attract them all. 
The wrinkles beneath are shown to some, 

To the ones who stay through the nights, 

To the ones who love through the lows and highs. 

Yet, the wrinkles don’t attract.

They’re to be accepted when unwrapped. 
The dark and the light are two phases 

Of the young days 

And the old nights. 


Life:  A timeless beauty 

Hello everybody! It’s a beautiful day today. I see how inapt it seems to say so at a time when the sun is all set to set, or when half the population of my country is stuck up in the peak hour traffic waiting to go back home after a tiring day, or when we’re battling with the scorching heat in the month of March.  Despite all this, the day is still beautiful. You don’t believe me? Ask the parents who just held their newborn in their arms. Ask the child who, for the first time managed to cross the monkey bar for the first time ever. Ask the girl whose parents just agreed to allow her to study further. Ask the boy who could finally convince his parents to pursue Fine Arts and not Computers. But, you might ask me, How does it matter to a person who just lost a loved one or flunked an exam he had studied hard for? The secret lies in seeking happiness continuously and living in the present. The secret lies in understanding that there’s no point crying over what’s done and has no potential to be undone. Seek beauty around you, as, a thing of beauty is a joy forever. Do not attach your happiness to the attainment of a transient goal. Rather, let beauty be the perennial source of happiness for you. 

One might think of me to be a crazy young girl who makes her blog a personal diary and a repository of all her mood swings. The other might find beauty in my thoughts. One might enjoy vacationing abroad. The other might get unparalleled joy by giving the most he can to the cause of charity. One might agree to be a conformist, the other might be a born rebel.
Nobody is wrong. Nobody is right. It’s how we are. It’s how our genes have made us up, it’s how our circumstances  and our environment have conditioned us to be. We all are different and that, my dear friend, is beautiful. 

The Old Times, The Gold Times

The old times, the Gold times.The times when there was a guiltless pleasure in being dependent on others. The times when we could cry our hearts for no reason at all, and still not be called the ‘Attention Seekers’. The times when our insistence was not taken as our obstinacy. The times when our clothes didn’t define our character. 

All these years have stolen our innocence. The rote learning methods of our education system have ruined our creativity and ingenuity. We know what we’re taught, we fail to discover the mysteries of the unknown. 

Oh, how I wish I was never taught to learn, how I wish I was always taught to question the eternal truths. How I wish I could be a child again. How I wish I could learn to unlearn.